Lease a New Lexus from Lexus of Kendall

Leasing a Lexus is an excellent idea if you want the opportunity to drive a new car every so often. Plus, with a Lexus lease, you’re covered for each eligible event valued at $2,000 or less, each eligible missing part or equipment valued at $250 or less, and up to $7,500* in excess wear and use charges.

If you’re currently leasing a Lexus, or are wondering what the next step is when your lease is up, you have a few options when your term ends:

  • Turn in your current vehicle. From there, you can purchase or lease a completely different Lexus model like the ES 350, IS 300, or RX350.
  • Purchase the vehicle. If you love the performance of your current vehicle, then why change anything? If this option interests you, our finance experts will be here to discuss financing rates.
  • Return your vehicle to Lexus of Kendall. If you’re not interested in another Lexus at this time, that’s no problem. Down the road, if you decide a Lexus is a right choice for you, we’ll be here to assist you!

Leasing a new Lexus is a breeze when you shop with the professionals at Lexus of Kendall. Please call us or contact us online if you have any additional questions about leasing or your lease-end options. We look forward to seeing you soon!

*Plan does not waive excess mileage. Please see your Excess Wear & Use Lease Addendum for full details on terms, limitations, and exclusions.

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