Top Five Reasons to Buy a Lexus in Miami

Lexus enjoys a well-deserved reputation for producing premium quality cars and SUVs, continually earning praise for the company's dedication to making excellent, sophisticated vehicles. That being the case, we thought it a good time to remind you of why Lexus is a top option for Miami-area drivers.

Superior Fuel Economy

Most luxury manufacturers are emphasizing improved fuel economy, but few can match the efficiency numbers that Lexus routinely earns. Case in point? The Lexus CT 200h, which is guaranteed to register at least 40 mpg. In fact, the Ct 200h is so impressive, the Toyota Prius borrowed its hybrid technology.


Lexus continuously introduces technologies to the luxury vehicle segment, setting a standard for ingenuity that others can't match. First to market with LED low-beam headlights, eight-speed transmissions, and pedestrian detection systems, Lexus also introduced the segment's first hybrid vehicle.


While Lexus certainly offers all of the premium features today's luxury car buyer in Miami wants, it doesn't come at a premium price point. Several models are more-than-reasonably priced, making it easier than ever to slip behind the wheel.


One common complaint about cars with good fuel economy? They're a bore to drive. That's certainly not the case with a Lexus, which features the handling, power, and responsiveness that makes a trip to the Keys even more fun.


Lexus routinely places at the top of customer satisfaction surveys conducted by such authorities as J.D. Power & Associates, with high marks for overall customer service and the Service Center experience. After all, you're our valued guest -- and should be treated as such.

To learn more about the advantages Lexus offers, or to speak with one of our team members and arrange for a test drive, contact Lexus of Kendall at your convenience.

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