KBB Trade Value

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Get a real market value offer in writing within minutes from a trusted resource, KBB®. No obligation. No cost. No need to buy from us.

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Review your offer and decide whether selling or trading is best for you. Make a decision or take time to think about it.

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Finalize your vehicle review at the dealership. Receive a check on the spot or use the value towards a new car. The choice is completely yours.

We buy local!

Local Owners Come First at Lexus of Kendall!

We strive to build our pre-owned inventory with 100% LOCAL OWNER VEHICLES.

Many other dealers and used car chains build inventory through used car auctions, buying unsold inventory from other dealers. Auction vehicles are often made up of rental fleet returns or high mileage vehicles that don’t meet our safety standards.

We pledge to our local owners that they will always come first.

What this means for you:

Local sellers get:

  • Top dollar for ANY car, truck, van or SUV
  • Simple and easy selling process
  • We take care of the title and paperwork
  • Certified draft check at vehicle return
  • No transaction fees

Used car shoppers get:

  • High quality selection of local trades
  • High selection of low mileage lease returns
  • More One Owner vehicles from which to choose
  • 100% CarFax report on all vehicles
  • Full safety inspection and recondition

We will give you an honest, real purchase price without wasting your time with low purchase gimmicks. We put our trust in real, local owners selling or trading their cars to us. Direct, AND at a great price!

Read our FAQ about selling a vehicle.

Yes! We partner with KBB in order to give our customers a fair purchase price for their vehicle online. The entire process takes less than two minutes.

Yes! We would be happy to buy your car. We buy all types of import and domestic vehicles every day. It is not necessary for you to buy a new vehicle in order to sell yours.

Yes! Many people don’t realize this, but leasing is just another way of financing a vehicle. The main difference is that the final value has already been determined and subtracted from the loan. We can check with your leasing company for a payoff quote and determine your vehicle equity.

Many factors determine the price of a vehicle, and that price may fluctuate due to market conditions or even demand at a specific location. We look at your vehicle’s year, make, model and mileage in addition to a CarFax vehicle history report. We will review all of this information with you in detail upon appraisal.

It is still possible to sell your vehicle even if you owe more than the value of your vehicle. This is called ‘negative equity’ or being ‘upside down’. In many cases, customers with negative equity are able to trade into a different vehicle and carry the negative equity into the new finance term. This way, you avoid paying for the negative difference and you take advantage of the tax savings allowed when trading in a vehicle. Or, you may want to just sell us your vehicle anyway in which case the negative equity amount would be paid to the dealership. This leaves you paying the difference but gets you clear of the vehicle ownership and financial liability of making payments on a vehicle you no longer want or need. Either way, Lexus of West Kendall is willing to help you through negative equity situations.

Instantly! You will have a check in hand on the same day you sell your car. We pay with a guaranteed bank draft that may be deposited in your bank that same day. Please check with your financial institution to determine if there are any specific hold policies regarding transactions.